At Anastasia State Park, our project to build a new accessible playground will host thousands of children each year. It will feature wheelchair accessibility, sensory and ground level play activities ensuring access for all. Inclusive play is beneficial for all children. It allows the opportunity for children living with disabilities to experience the positive impact that play has on their development and overall well-being. It allows non-disabled children to view the world through a more diverse lens. Social interaction naturally happens during play, contributing to greater acceptance, the breaking down of barriers, and the fostering of friendships.

The new and engaging Sea Turtle Playground will enhance Anastasia State Park’s experience for all visitors and will be built adjacent to the Sea Turtle Pavilion.

The Friends group is working towards obtaining grants, business and private donations to reach our goal of $200,000 to fund this new playground. To date we have raised $117,000 with $83,000 still needed. That’s where help from new and old “friends” is needed. You can make a difference through clicking the DONATE button below. A sincere thank you from Friends of Anastasia State Park.

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